Meeting Your Guides

Meeting Your Guides


Linda Dillon

In the stillness of your heart, there are voices waiting to be heard. These are the whispers of your guides, calling you home. They are the ones who have walked beside you through time and space, and now they are ready to reveal themselves to you.

With this guided meditation, you can embark on a journey to meet your guides, to hear their loving messages, and to feel their embrace. These are the beings who have seen you at your highest and your lowest, who have celebrated your triumphs and comforted you in your struggles.

By connecting with your guides, you gain access to a source of wisdom and insight that will guide you on your path. You will feel a sense of comfort and companionship, knowing that you are never alone. And as an added gift, this meditation will introduce you to your totems, bringing you closer to the natural world and its infinite beauty.

Come and meet your guides, and experience the love that has always been waiting for you.

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