Home to Stillpoint

Home to Stillpoint


Linda Dillon

Welcome to the journey of the Stillpoint, a place of pure potential and infinite possibilities. A space where nothingness and All exist in perfect harmony, deep within your soul. It is a magical place where the breath of creation is taken and where the essence of all things come to be.

The Home to Stillpoint meditation is a beautiful and inspiring guided journey that takes you through the process of finding and holding the Stillpoint within you. It will guide you through the depths of your soul and show you the way to connect with the divine energy that flows through you.

This meditation is essential to the creation process of Nova Earth and Nova Being, as it will help you connect with your true self and align with your divine purpose. It will open up a world of infinite possibilities, where you can manifest your dreams and desires into reality.

So come, journey with us to the Stillpoint, where all is possible and anything can be created. Allow yourself to be guided by the beautiful voice of Linda Dillon, and experience the magic of the Home to Stillpoint meditation.

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