The Creation Series

The Creation Series


Creation is the most important work that lightworkers are undertaking at this time. It is the next step in our journey of Ascension and the co-creation of Nova Earth. This series of 3 guided meditations assists you in working with a variety of creation tools, including the essential creation formula: Intention Stillpoint Action = Creation. All 3 pieces of the formula are essential. All COL meditations contain attunements, activations and energy downloads that are for your highest good.


  • Home to Stillpoint. Stillpoint is the place of nothingness and All deep within. It is the place between the in-breath and out-breath – the place where creation from the etheric to the material takes place. Finding and holding the stillpoint is essential to creation process and to the creation of Nova Earth and Nova Being. Stillpoint has proven to be the most challenging aspect of the creation formula.Home to Stillpoint walks you through the process of finding your stillpoint in a way that is deep yet anchored and available.


  • The Creation Chamber. This is a meditation to take you to the heart of creation, to the heart of God, where dreams, ideas, form and matter are stored and born. This meditation is set in the Pleiades, where you have previously known how to effortlessly create. From that off-planet connection you re-awaken this ancient knowing.



  • Warehouse of Heaven. This is a meditation to accompany you on your journey to the warehouse of heaven, a place you have dreamed about, inquired of and wondered if it truly existed. This meditation brings you through the portal and the heart of God and out again into new realities and dimensions. It's you learning about the family "business of Love" and applying this to your everyday creation work.
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