Chakras as Portals

Chakras as Portals


Step into a world of inner harmony and balance with the transformative guided meditation, Chakras as Portals. With its soothing voice and gentle guidance, this one-hour audio journey leads you through a process of opening and balancing your chakras, from your foundational root to your higher off-body chakras.

Through each chakra, you'll be guided to connect with the energy of the Universe, as you anchor your inter-dimensional self and the Divine Qualities. And that's not all! This meditation also takes you on a journey through the 12 dimensions, using your chakras as portals, unlocking the secrets of the Universe.

With this guided meditation, you'll feel the energy of the Universe flowing through you, empowering you to release negativity and embrace positive energy. Take the first step towards a more harmonious life and get your copy of Chakras as Portals today!

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