The New You


The New You

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Linda Dillon

Let Linda Dillon be your guide as you journey through the unknown depths of your being, discovering the uncharted territory within your heart, mind, and soul. In her latest book, she invites you to step into the sacred and transformative journey of becoming The New You.

With her wise and compassionate voice, Linda leads you through the powerful process of embodying love and aligning with the Universal Laws and the Divine Qualities. You'll learn how to anchor the wholeness of your being, becoming the totality of your unique, ever-evolving inter-dimensional self.

As you step into the role of The New You, you become a leader and a wayshower, helping to re-pattern old beliefs, systems, and behaviors into a new paradigm of caring and abundance for all humanity. With the guidance of the Archangels and the Divine Mother, Linda provides practical exercises and insights, powerful initiations and attunements, and a series of exclusive downloadable guided meditations to help you break free, unearth, and embody The New You.

Join Linda Dillon on this transformative journey and discover the joy, hope, and grace that comes with living from a place of love and alignment with the Universe. Step into the unknown with courage and allow yourself to be transformed into The New You.

Paperback: 326 pages
ISBN-10: 1492346837
ISBN-13: 978-1492346838
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Immediate downloadable items:

  • 7 guided meditations


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