The Crystal Chapel

The Crystal Chapel


Linda Dillon

This guided meditation takes you to the quiet places in the wilderness. In this way you begin your journey to the Crystal Chapel of Intent, where you are taught by Lord Maitreya how to work with and formulate intent.

The beloved Buddha, who assumes the form of a crow, leads you to the most beautiful chapel you have ever seen. It is filled with artifacts. You know the artifacts are from pilgrims such as yourself who have come to this place to express intent yearning longing and prayer.

Maitreya speaks to you heart and mind, encouraging and guiding you to find what lurks in the deepest recesses of you heart. He takes you to the very bottom of your heart to find what lurks there, and assists you to bring this desire and intent forward for creation in your life. He shows you how to access and honor your hidden dreams and sacred purpose, bringing forward that which you wish to create. This personal dream is unique to your soul and imprint – it is your reflection of divinity. Bring it forward, not in silence but in gratitude, acceptance and joy.

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