The Cities of Light Series

The Cities of Light Series


The Cities of Light are the beautiful  future cities of Nova Earth. In these meditations you encounter and work with your Atlantian, Lemurian and Wingmaker (future) self. The purpose of these 3 sequential meditations is to assist you in jumping time and anchoring the energies of the Cities of Light within and upon Nova Earth. All COL meditations contain attunements, activations and energy downloads that are for your highest good.

  • Cities of Light. This is your introductory guide to these magnificent Cities of Light; and the link with your Lemurian, Atlantian and Wingmaker self. You do this to be of service to One, and to bring these magnificent cities forward upon Terra Gaia right now.



  • Cities of Light Within. This is a meditation to guide you in the process of anchoring your own crystalline City of Light Within. It will help you in becoming that living breathing catalyst of change upon Nova Earth.




  • Anchoring the Cities of Light. This third meditation in the Cities of Light series returns you to the Galazia City of Light and the reflecting pond to continue mission of anchoring the Cities of Light, in the physical, across the entire planet. Join with your sacred diamond, your COL guide Zonar, and your lightworker family to begin this work of building Nova Earth.
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