Soul Design Guided Meditation

Soul Design Guided Meditation


Are you ready to discover the beauty of your soul's unique design? Look no further than this guided meditation designed to assist you in uncovering your true essence. By anchoring deeply within your heart and embracing the love of the Mother Father One, you'll be transported to the land of snows, where crystal palaces made of ice and diamonds await.

As you sink into the warmth of cozy blankets and don your warmest winter attire, feel yourself becoming one with the beauty of this sacred place. With each passing moment, you'll come to know more clearly the beauty of your soul's unique design, guided by the loving energies of the 13th Octave.

Don't wait any longer to claim your birthright and embrace the divine essence that you truly are. Let this meditation be your guide and watch as the beauty of your soul's unique design unfolds before your very eyes.

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